About Publishing Unleashed:

Publishing Unleashed is a unique business model that makes sense and is embraced by many authors and entrepreneurs. The model is one of empowerment in that authors maintain their intellectual property and creative control while having a publisher at the same time. The publishing industry has changed more over the last 5 years than the last 200 years combined.  Traditional publishing is becoming a thing of the past. The whole process has become democratized as barriers to entry have been removed.  Technology has enabled remarkable advances.  Self-publishers and vanity publishers are on the rise and wanting to cash in on current trends. Our approach is a “concept to cover” expertise offering. Publishing Unleashed has partnered up with the best of breed for services from ghost writing, editing to book promotion.   Best of breed publish platforms are used based on content type and format.  Whether you need digital print orders through an e-store link or larger orders, we are set up to accommodate with best pricing and quality. There is no waiting weeks to hear that your manuscript is a fit for Publishing Unleashed.  We will let you know within 72 hours if your manuscript is a fit.  Once the manuscript is accepted, the book will be published and available for sale on all bookseller channels, including Amazon within weeks. Publishing Unleashed provides authors the maximum opportunity to leverage their content and to make more money than they would traditionally and self-published.  Self-publishing is not prestigious or easy.  For most authors, traditional publishing doesn’t make financial sense.  Having a publish partner is where it is at.  There is prestige in saying that “I have a publish partner vs. guess what I self-published,” but most importantly there are individuals with the expertise and knowledge to guide the process.

Let us unleash the book in you!


About Me:

Tanya Stockton is Founder and Chief Publishing Partner at Publishing Unleashed.   Stockton was responsible for business development at Lulu.com, one of the first self-publishing website companies in the world. She was instrumental in growing the company from the red to revenues in excess of 25 million dollars, while learning every aspect of publishing.  Publishing is a complicated industry – especially the distribution channels and marketing.  It is the precisely kind of challenge that Stockton embraces. Having seen first-hand the challenges faced by authors and book-buyers from the Lulu.com point-of-view, she discovered that most self-publishing companies are actually publishing technology companies.  This means that the emphasis is on the technical instead of the author/consumer interface.  It was clear that there was a fundamental unmet need in the marketplace, so she established Publishing Unleashed as the answer. Publishing Unleashed continues to evolve with rapid technological advances, candid client feedback and informative sales metrics. Her concept is simple: to put “U into “Publishing” and making the author’s success Publishing Unleashes’ success.  Stockton and her team do not shy away from the difficult conversations if they benefit the author. Since its inception, Publishing Unleashed has evolved to accept not only quality non-fiction, but also lesson-teaching fiction with a primary focus on supporting brilliant “authorpreneurs.”  The book projects that Publishing Unleashed adopts have both marketability and meaning.  The Publishing Unleashed team is deeply grateful to be a part of getting these important and valuable works of literature to the world on behalf of authors. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to becoming a successful Published Author. CLICK HERE to learn how to Get Started! If you have any further questions, please CLICK HERE to read some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.