Do I lose my creative control or give up my intellectual property rights?

No, the author retains full creative control and intellectual property rights with Publishing Unleashed.
Traditional publishing provides the author with a small advance plus a small percentage of sales in exchange for giving up those rights.

How does the submission and publication process work? And, how long does it take?

Manuscripts are reviewed within days. Upon manuscript acceptance, the book can be published in weeks or months, not months or years. With technological advances and streamlined processes, a book can be produced and available on Amazon within weeks.

Will my book be on Amazon if I publish through PublishingUnleashed.com?

Your book will be listed on Amazon and other bookseller sites as well as libraries, academic institutions, etc. We use a publish platform owned by Amazon so book files/data are easily set up for distribution channels such as Amazon.

What if a traditional publisher is interested in my book after publishing with you?

Awesome, you have gotten their attention. With a proven track record of sales, you are in a much better negotiating position than most authors and we can act as your agent to secure the best possible deal on your behalf.

What is the royalty structure for traditional publishing?

Standard royalties via traditional publishers vary; however, industry standard is that the author receives 10% of the retail price for hardcover; 7.5% per trade and 17.5% for e-books.

Why shouldn’t I self publish– there are many options among self-publishing websites?

There are a lot of publishing options. With technological advances, self-publishers and vanity publishers are on the rise and wanting to cash in on current trends. For certain genre and limited audiences like poetry, genealogy, memory books, etc. it would not make sense to take on a publishing partner.

What if I want a professional looking book and I don’t fit the model for a Publishing Unleashed author?

There are individuals that can assist with creating a professional book. Before you “google” and select a resource, please know with whom you are doing business with. Unfortunately, we often speak to authors who were “taken” with promises of a professional looking book and subsequent sales. We are happy to assist you with legitimate options.

Will I be required to purchase so many books? Will I need inventory?

Only vanity publishers require an author to purchase a specified quantity of books as part of a publishing contract. Digital technological advances prompted print on demand, which means that the book is produced after an order is placed for the book. Inventory requirements are a thing of the past.

What if we get large orders from institutional customers? Can the print on demand model handle this?

We can handle large orders as well as print on demand orders, as we have a partnership with the largest book printer in the United States and possibly the world. If orders exceed quantities of 2,000, we will run this on an offset printer, which reduces the cost significantly.

Can I get author copies? And, how much will they cost me?

Yes, authors may get author copies at production cost (not retail).

How will I know how many books have sold and when royalties are due?

The author and Publishing Unleashed will share an account on a platform, so the information is available to both parties at any time. Royalties are paid to the author on a monthly basis and the publish partner is paid monthly or quarterly, depending upon the contract.

Do you offer e-book publishing?

New technologies and more affordable devices helped to boost e-book popularity. More and more readers are purchasing e-books than ever before. We offer best of breed platforms to maximize this current trend. Our editing resource is on top of what it takes to convert a printed book file into an e-book file and we require our authors, in most cases to have an e-book offering.

What are the steps in publishing a book or e-book?

We break it down into three steps that we refer to as the three Ps: Prepare, Publish and Promote. Preparation entails manuscript completion and editorial/layout services. Publish is selecting the publishing platform/e-store and the distribution channels i.e. booksellers, academic institutions. Promotion means that book campaigns and launches are planned and strategic, utilizing industry experts.

How do we begin working together?  I am ready to get started!

Great!  I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to becoming a successful Published Author.  There are certain steps to take to begin the process. CLICK HERE to learn how to Get Started!