Intro to Publishing 1HR $75

This first meeting will focus on looking at the different publishing options and Social Media.  We will go over Print on Demand services, as well as different Ebook Distribution companies.  We will look at best practices for making sure you have correct keywords, categories and meta data to increase visibility.

We will look at the different ways to use Social Media to increase your books visibility.  We will go over your website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Goodreads pages.  Depending on how comfortable you are with technology, we can do it for you (check out our Social Media packages), or we can talk you through setting up any of these profiles.

After this Intro to Publishing meeting you will feel comfortable that you are publishing your book on the correct platforms and fully understand the pros and cons of each option.  You will also have a good understanding of how to use Social Media effectively.

Utilizing Your Network 1HR $75

During this meeting we will look into your network and how to use it to get your book out there.  Only 4% of self published author sell more that $500 worth of books, and 8 out of every 10 books sold are sold because of word of mouth.  Therefore, if you want to be a successful self published author you need to be able to utilize your network.

First we will dig into your specific target markets, as most authors have very broad target markets.  In order to be able to successfully market your book you need to be very specific about who you are targeting.  Once we figure that out, we can look at your network and strategic partnerships to see how your network can help you reach those target markets.
We will ask clarifying questions to help you find strategic relationships you did not even realize you have.  Then we will look into strategies on how best to use these strategic relationships to help increase the awareness of your book.

I will also let you in on the strategies I used to create a reviewer network for Publishing Unleashed.  Having people across the web review your book is very important for social proof and increasing sales.

Content Evaluation Time will vary depending on your length of book.

Must have done Utilizing Your Network consulting service first.

We will read your book and help you increase the quality of content in your book.  You need your book to be at least a 4 star book in your target market in order for word of mouth marketing to work. If your book is less than 4 stars you will have to drive every sale you make.    We will make sure that your writing is targeting the target markets we have identified.  We will also help you increase the creativity of your book.  If it’s like every other book out there, you are not going to sell many copies.  We will give you honest feedback on your book and what you need to improve upon.  Honest feedback is very important to producing the best book you can.  If you have only had friends or family read your book it is doubtful that you have gotten real honest feedback.

Creative Marketing Service 1HR

Must have done Utilizing Your Network consulting service first

In this we will create a creative marketing campaign for your book.  This could be anything from a contest on Facebook to targeting book clubs.  Looking at your strategic partnerships and target markets we will plan out a marketing campaign.  It is important to note that in most cases this will focus on getting your book out there and raising awareness, not increasing short term sales. Unless we agree on additional consulting, it will be up to you to implement the campaign that we come up with.


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