Book Design

Upon manuscript completion and editorial services, many authors feel confident that their content is print ready.  Most, if not all books that you view have been professionally prepared so we take for granted that this is not always the case.  After working with a self publishing website, I can assure you that not all books look “pretty” or appear to be “professionally prepared.

Common file errors include unembedded fonts, poor image resolution, incorrect trim size, margin inconsistencies,  missing or improperly set gutters; inconsistent styles, page setup, or line spacing; missing or manually set page numbers and running heads; text or images outside of the print margin; awkward gaps in text or an overall composition that fails to match the quality of traditional publications.

There are three levels of “Book Design” services depending the nature of your content i.e. different fonts, images, tables, layout complexity, etc.  Kindle and E-book Design also available.

Cover Design

Your buyers will judge a book by its cover.  Covers are like initial introductions to others – you only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether browsing a bookstore shelf or an online marketplace, covers are eye catching and invite the reader to take a further look at your book.

If you have a completed cover, it may not meet print specifications and/or the resolution may be too low to produce a high quality cover.  Cover Conversion of an existing cover will ensure that there are no technical issues.

If you do not have a cover, let our professional team produce a bestselling cover for your book.  A professional cover is one of the most important investments that an author can make.  Professional placement of text, images, marketing tools such as how to buy more copies, etc. can separate your book from the other book your reader may be considering.

There are varied degrees of cover design depending on the number and type of images, font and text style, etc.


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