When I worked for a self publishing website, we often got customer service inquiries wanting to know “where are my sales, now that my book is published and available.”  The saddest call that I took was from this young man who insisted that he had at least one sale.  I agreed to double check our automated system, only to inform him that his mother really didn’t buy a book, as she indicated.

Publishing and making a book available for sale is only the beginning.  Like any product or service, marketing is key.  There are lots of great manuscripts and books that the world may never see due to lack of promotion.

Utilizing current technologies in addition to working with book promotion experts enable a potential reader to easily find your content.  After the buyer is exposed to your book, the cover will pull them in and thought provoking text (how will this book benefit me, why I have to have this now, etc.) will compel them to make a purchase.  Making the purchase easy by eliminating unnecessary click throughs to purchase and buy now links prominently displayed on author websites are key.

Simple, right…entice, compel and make it easy for your reader to make a purchase.  It can be simple with the right publishing partner.  Someone that knows the platforms, understands the distribution channels and royalty structure within the industry.  Utilizing current technologies and the Amazon marketplace is especially advantageous if you know the nuances as well as a few tricks.


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