You have an idea for a book, a compelling story to tell, or a book idea to help promote your business, but you don’t have the time or the skills to create a quality book.

Ghostwriting involves writing a book from scratch or creating whole new sections to be added to an existing manuscript. Ghostwriters will work on the manuscript based on phone, skype or in person interviews with you as well as materials you provide.

Ghostwriting services generally are complete within 120-150 days and the price varies according to the genre; the writer; the length and complexity of the manuscript, the amount of research and the complexity.

Although your book is ghostwritten, you are the author of record, not the ghostwriter. When the book is finished, the entire work is your property and the copyright and all profits belong to you.


Writing Coaching

Do you have an existing manuscript and a great concept, yet you need assistance and a plan to bring it to market?

A writing coach assists authors with articulating, strategizing and reaching writing goals.  The coaching is a mixture of encouragement, guidance and planning.  Writing can be an overwhelming undertaking without a resource.  Writing coaching offers organizational help, constructive feedback and input.  This process is effective for many as a lot of coaches work with the writer chapter by chapter.  This breaks it down into manageable time increments and the author is held accountable to agreed upon deadlines.  This guidance and accountability moves the project to completion.


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