Hear What Our Authors Have to Say:

Four years ago, I wanted to publish “The Networking Diary”. Last year, I finally met Tanya. She connected me with a brilliant editor (formally from Random House) and helped me get my book to the market just in time to debut at the Ms. Corporate America Pageant. We beat every single deadline set. Tanya makes the grueling process of publishing much easier. I highly recommend any entrepreneur or business writer to Tanya if you want a high-quality product that will have top reviews.

– Nancy Nguyen (The Networking Diary)

Publishing a book, though easier today than ever before still requires several hoops to jump through at the very least. Finding Publishing Unleashed/Tanya Stockton for my project couldn’t have been a better fit. Her years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the publishing industry are given whole-heartedly for me to maneuver through what seems like a complicated maze. She guides me easily through the “do’s and don’ts”, informs me of what is expected in presenting my book in it’s best light, and commits to unusual and creative circumstances that, my project in particular, have arisen. Most importantly for me…the personal touch! I am dealing with a real, supportive person from the beginning to the end!

– Rayme Sciaroni (Dinner for God)

Publishing Unleashed gave me the freedom and expertise I was looking for. In an automated age where customer service is nonexistent and upselling is abounds on all platforms, I was able to get my book, edited formatted up and out to the world in days, not months. Tanya Stockton created a unique business model that empowers authors while allowing them to retain their intellectual property and creative rights. Publishing Unleashed has provided me with best of breed resources as well as the guidance in selecting the best platforms and distribution channels for my books. Tanya’s personal touch, resource team and expertise were exactly what I was looking for.

– RD Riccoboni (The Big Picture)