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How Non-Fiction Authors Can Utilize LinkedIn

  Social media has grown exponentially since its beginnings. Not only is it being used to keep in touch with friends and family now, but it has evolved into a platform for professionalism with websites being created like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows members to create an online portfolio of their […]

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~ A Dinner for God ~ An Easter Special

  ~ A Dinner for God ~ An Easter Special By Rayme Sciaroni Now’s the time! With special and profound holidays upon us like Easter and Passover, these spiritual moments where we look to honor our Beings in the Highest Light possible find us wanting to express ourselves and each other as such. A Dinner […]

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How to Use LinkedIn to Sell Books

Writers sometimes look at LinkedIn as social media for people who are “more professional,” but they are missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Self-published authors can develop a professional network and promote their books on LinkedIn using these tips on LinkedIn features and functionality. Professional Headline LinkedIn allows you to give yourself more than […]

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New Author Launches Debut Book

Publishing Unleashed is pleased to announce the launch of new author Bruce Ham’s first book, Laughter Tears and Braids. After his late wife Lisa died of cancer, Bruce found himself struggling to pick up the pieces of their life, while learning how to handle the new responsibilities of being a single father to his three […]

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Self-Publishing versus Traditional Publishing: What’s right for you?

For authors, publishing a book is one of the most personal and special moments in their life. It’s a dream that everyone desires to see happen to them, and can be one of the most stressful and hardest things that one will ever do. As the mediums of publishing increase, there has been a rise […]

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A Tweet is More Than Just a Sound a Bird Makes

Twitter is a great place to connect with others and promote yourself, your books, and your blog. With your twitter account, you can send out ‘tweets’ of 140 characters or less that all of your followers are able to see. The posts can be advertising a blog post, book release, contest or anything. It can […]

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If you’re an author and you’re not using social media, you need to!

Have you ever thought about using social media to promote yourself as an author? As the use of social media increases, traditional marketing is no longer  the only way to promote you and your book. Social media has become a phenomenon for networking, which provides great opportunities for promotion and sales for all sorts of […]

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Unleashing a New Division and Consulting Soon!

As  business has grown and evolved, we are looking at new ways to help authors, beyond our initial model.  We will be announcing packages at the beginning of April that will include all aspects of the process of publishing a book.  We call it the 3 Ps – PREPARATION (includes producing a print ready manuscript), […]

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Amazon introduces a new short cut to your Amazon book URL

Your friend has asked you to send her a link to your book on amazon.  You go grab the URL and send her a long ugly address to your book.  Well it doesn’t need to be that way now that Amazon has created a nifty URL shortcut for your books being sold on Amazon.   […]

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Where are books being sold? The breakdown of Book vs E-book Sales.

E-book vs Traditional Publishing:   E-book sales have done nothing but increase since they were introduced to the U.S. market. In 2010, e-books accounted for 10% of all book sales, but this doubled to 20% in 2011. By the second quarter of 2012, e-books held 22% of the market.   From January 2011 to January […]

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